Which Scooter is Good for You?

Choosing a scooter that is right for you means choosing a scooter that will do everything you need it to do. There is nothing more frustrating than riding something that limits you, and nothing more intimidating than riding something that is more powerful than you feel comfortable with. There is a scooter for everyone; it just takes a bit of research to find the one that meets your needs!

When we’re helping a new rider select a scoot, we usually start by looking at engine sizes. Ask yourself how you plan to use your scooter. This will determine the appropriate engine size for you, and help you narrow down your search!

50cc scooters

Vespa Primavera 50 MY15, , PGO Big Max 50, Piaggio Fly 50 4V)

A 50cc scooter makes for a great inner-city commuter. They are known for being light, manageable, and easy to park. With a maximum speed of 65 km/hr, you will easily be able to keep up with the flow of downtown traffic when you are scooting back and forth to work, for coffee, to pick up a few groceries…a great little errand-running scoot! If you’re commuting 5 or 10 kilometres a day and you’d like to do it as quickly and as inexpensively as possible, then a 50cc scooter might be just what you need! These scooters are ideal if you will be riding primarily on your own, although they do offer enough room for two should you need to zip around with a passenger from time to time.

125-175cc scooters

(Stella 125, PGO Metro 125, Vespa Primavera 150, SYM HD200 (172cc))

If you face a longer commute (10 to 30 kilometres) or you like to explore the secondary highways, a 150cc scooter might be more appropriate for you. Cruising at 80km/hr for sustained periods of time is not a problem for scooters of this size, and they can tackle larger hills with ease. You can carry a passenger comfortably, and since your 150cc scooter has a top speed of 100km/hr, you can even hop onto the highway for a couple of exits if need be. Like the 50cc scooters, the 150s are compact, light, and easy to maneuver quickly, but with enough grunt to handle the long hauls. This is a great, versatile scooter size.

200-300cc scooters

(Vespa GTS 300 IE, Vespa GTS IE Super, Vespa GTV 300 IE,
Vespa 300 Super Sport SE
, SYM Citycom300i)

For all of you restless explorers with a desire to cover more ground, this size range is where you’ll want to look. If getting to work means a ride at sustained highway speeds (100 km/hr plus) your 200-300cc scooter can get you there. With much more spacious seating than the 150 range, your passenger will definitely thank you. A 200 to 300cc scooter is ideal if you live outside of the city, or if you are a city dweller whose favourite weekend activity is getting away from it all!

Over 300cc scooters

(Piaggio BV 350, Piaggio MP3-500)

If you’re looking to cover some serious distance, a scooter over 300cc will ensure that no destination is unreachable! If you’ve dreamed of someday planning a coast to coast trip or just taking off for a summer to see where the highway takes you, a scooter over 300ccs can help you make that happen.
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